Dinan – France – Historic Medieval Old Town

3. May 2022 0 Comments

Back in 2018 April the 18th. at 5:30 am in the morning. I do remember it like yesterday. I do open my eyes, watched the clock on my Smartphone, and I thought “damn, early morning, the French guys I´m visiting for Business Reasons are arriving for pickup at 10.00 am. Plenty of time, no books with me, I am not eating anything in the morning. What shall I do now?”. I was standing up and walked to the window. I watched the road and saw around 200 meters away from me an old church. I do decide that this is my target. I took a short shower, brushed my teeth, and started the walk. Equipped with just my smartphone I do realize that the weather is rainy, it is not perfect but closing my eyes, standing still, and just listening. I realized a kind of silence and I was smelling the salty air. I do know there are still several kilometers to the beach and it was fantastic. Knowing the fresh air was coming from the north of Brittany I am still today not sure if I really heard the seagulls or not.

Nevertheless, I took a look at my smartphone at 6:15 am, I needed to hurry but “ping – mail arrived”. My boss sends me a message. She, a fabulous lady sitting in England was at 5:15 am already writing e-mails to me. I smiled and thought to call her. Paula directly took the phone and said “Maaario, why you are already online?”, I know that she knows that I am an Early bird and I heard her smile when she said it. We do had a small chat about nonsense. Paula and I, since the first moment back in 2016, when we met face to face, were friends. It was never like a Boss – Employee Relationship and we interacted more on the same level. For sure she was leading and I have to follow but she was also listening to my recommendations and normally accepted it as a strategic approach. We talked also a lot about private stuff and and and… Nevertheless, I told her that I am close to a church and will share a pic with her. I do remember some days later she mentioned to me that she will join the next time. But – Rest in Peace Paula 🙁 , it never happened and she died in late 2018. (Even now, in 2022 when I write this down, I can feel that some tears are close to me).

Continuing on the main story – I made two pictures from the old church and moved downwards over an old paved road. I crossed a bow in the Wall of the inner old town and made the next Picture. Insane. This old town is so cool and I do walk downwards again… There was a river called Rance and I made the next shot, in the background, you can see there is an aqueduct visible. I do looked at my watch and it is already 8:00 am. Wow – time is running and I need to walk back. The paved road upward is really crazy if you need to hurry. My calfs are hurting already but beeing fast and watching the smartphone i do see that iam good in negotiating with the time. iam much faster then expected… i do am close to the curch again and do see that the doors are open. If i do not do it now, i will never get the chance again, i do walked silently in and iam not alone. there are three other much younger visitors inside. A larger guy and two girls, i hear them whispering a bit and make just two small shots from the inside. leaving the Church and turning to the right i move the last 200 meter and beeing back in the Hotel. My Colleague is already on the reception checking out and i wishing him a good morning. Doing the last few steps to the baggage room iam also done after i pickup my stuff..

Dinan, a pretty small town, just seen in the morning hours without any people is really interesting. I do believe it can be also really crowded…

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